1pc 25cm with 3 clips,1pc 15cm with 3 clips,2pcs 7cm with 2 clips each

Hollywood Hair Extensions offer super concealed Clip in hair extensions that feel and look amazing!


Hollywood Hair Extensions only utilize ethically sourced Remy hair. Remy means that the hair is all running in one direction (root to end) which in turn ensures that your hair extensions feel great, remain untangled and last longer.



We utilize high quality clips and hair and have a rigorous manufacturing and quality testing process that ensure you receive quality products consistently.



We take quality very seriously and we pride ourself on the fine workmanship that is involved in the manufacturing of our extensions .Every piece of is manufactured by an artisan with a perfectionist mindset and culture ensuring that all our extensions are of the highest grade and quality . Our hair extensions are hand-made by skilled craftsmen who have perfected the process.


Hollywood Hair Extensions are proud to be innovators in the field of hair extensions. We use organic and naturally derived ingredients where possible in our manufacturing process. We’re constantly researching and developing our products to ensure we maintain the highest level of quality and safety with all our products.